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Sunday, February 9, 2020

What To Read This Week

What fiction I'd suggest for different age groups to read if someone asked me right now? Well, someone did. So, I thought I'd put it up for all to check it out! Here's a list of five books in each category, true to the spirit of the tagline in my blog: what to read! Have fun, read and enjoy! Also, let me know if you liked it and want more suggestions!

Ages 8-11:
1. The Little Prince
2. Five Children and It
3. The Secret Garden
4. Swami and Friends
5. Wind In The Willows

Ages 12- 15:
1. A Wrinkle In Time
2. The Indian In The Cupboard
3. Treasure Island
4. Sophie's World
5. Hatchet

Ages 16-20:
1. The Pickwick Papers
2. The 39 Steps
3. To Kill A Mockingbird
4. Stupid Guy Goes To India
5. Don Quixote

1. Daisy Miller
2. Bleak House 
3. The Trial
4. Parthiban Kanavu

These are my picks of the fiction that you can read through this week. Warm, exciting, and brilliant - they set the right mood for the week to come! 

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