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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Palak Paneer

Palak and Panneer.jpg   

I did Palak Paneer as side dish for chappathis.

Here are the  steps:

1.Light the gas stove. Boil a bowl of water and keep it aside.
2. Place a thick-bottomed vessel on the gas stove.
3. Pour some oil. Put the paneer cubes and fry deeply.
4. After frying, put the paneer cubes in the hot water.
5.Pour some more oil in the thick bottomed vessel.
6. Add mustard(kadugu), jeera, omam, green chillies, and fry well.
7. Add chopped onions and tomatoes to the above.
8. Add the required amount of salt and a pinch of turmeric(manjal/haldi). Mix well.
9. Close the thick bottomed vessel and let it cook.
NOTE: Keep the gas flame low.
10. Take a few small onions(I took 5-6), tomatoes, garlic and ginger, and grind it into a smooth paste using mixer.
11. Add this paste to the the onions and tomatoes and mix well.
13. Take chopped Palak and wash well.
14. Put the palak in mixer and grind this into a fine paste(add a few drops of water if necessary).
15. Add this Palak paste to the gravy.
16. Mix well and let it cook.
17. Allow all the ingredients to blend together.
18. Finally, add the fried paneer(without the water) to the rest and mix.

Palak Paneer is ready!!!
Palak Panneer.jpg


  1. Sandhya...really it looks yummy.....great going...its high time that i should plan a visit to your place and enjoy ur dishes.....


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