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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Kadalai Paruppu Payasam

Payasam pic.jpg
Today’s special is Kadalai Paruppu Payasam! I did it with the help of my mother’s instructions. 

Here is how to do it.

1. Light the gas stove.
2. Take a thick-bottomed vessel and put some ghee in it.
3. Add cashews, almonds and raisins to the ghee and fry them well. After frying well, switch off the gas stove and transfer these into a cup.
4. Take a plate. Put the needed amount of pasi paruppu(moong dal) and kadalai paruppu(channa dal). 
5. Turn on the gas stove. Fry the paruppu dry in a vessel until they turn golden.
NOTE: Ghee or oil SHOULD NOT be added while frying.
6.Add water to the fried paruppu.
7. Take a cooker. Pour some water at the bottom. Place the plate containing pasi paruppu and kadalai paruppu inside the cooker. Close the cooker.
NOTE: Do not forget to put the cooker weight(pressure regulator on top).
8. Pressure cook the paruppu mixture(I let it stay on until 4 whistles).
9. After the paruppu mixture is ready, take the same thick-bottomed vessel, and add the required amount of jaggery to it. Add water and mix it well with jaggery. Make a solution of water and jaggery.
10. Add the pressure cooked kadalai paruppu and pasi paruppu to the jaggery solution. Mix well.
11. Add the necessary amount of water.
12. Add elakkai(cardamom) powder. Stir well.
13. Switch off the gas stove.
14. Add the fried cashews, almonds and raisins to the payasam.

Kadalai-Paruppu Payasam is ready to be eaten!

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