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Sunday, September 11, 2011


Cover of "MATILDA"

Cover of MATILDA

Title : Matilda

Author : Roald Dahl

Main Characters : Matilda, Michael, Ms. Honey, Mr.& Mrs. Wormwood, Ms. Trunchbull, Amanda Thripp and Lavender.

Description Of One Of The Main Characters : Ms. Trunchbull is the head-mistress of the school in which Matilda studies. She is very rough and dangerous. She doesn't like small girls. She is stupid. She always says that she has never been a small kid just because she doesn't like them.

Whom I like and Why : I like Lavender as she once put a newt inside the water jug of Ms. Trunchbull when she was teaching a lesson. She is really brave and intelligent. She is Matilda’s best friend.

Whom I dislike and Why : I dislike Mr. & Mrs. Wormwood, the parents of Matilda. They don't encourage her. They don't get Matilda any books to read as that is what Matilda loves to do. Mr. Wormwood is a stupid owner of a car shop. He sells stolen cars to people telling them it is a second-hand car got from a rich person. The Wormwoods always scold her for nothing. They are not very intelligent. Mrs. Wormwood loves to apply make-up and go to play bingo with her friends.

Setting/Theme Of The Story : Matilda is a genius but she has stupid parents who do not encourage her. They do not even know Matilda is intelligent. They keep scolding her always. Once when she answers a big arithmetic problem at once, Mr. Wormwood says she is a cheat and that she has seen the answers. But Matilda is fortunate to get a lovely class-teacher named Ms. Honey. Ms. Honey starts encouraging Matilda to learn more and more. Ms. Honey finds that Matilda can understand her feelings and starts saying it to the small girl. Matilda has a very unique power to lift, push, move anything using her eyes and high concentration. The problem of Ms. Honey is that her aunt Ms. Trunchbull has the house and money of Honey’s father which rightfully has to come to Ms. Honey. Of course, Matilda knows that Ms. Trunchbull is called Agatha and Ms. Honey’s father is called Magnus. Matilda also knows that everyone calls Ms. Honey as Jenny. So when Trunchbull comes to Matilda’s class to test their knowledge she slowly lifts the chalk using her eye-power and starts writing on the black board :

Agatha, this is Magnus.

It is Magnus.

You would better believe it.

Agatha, give my Jenny

back her house.

Then get out of here.

If you don't, I will come and get you.

Like you got me.

I am watching you, Agatha.

Well, Ms. Trunchbull is terrified and she faints. Matilda is smiling. Trunchbull runs out of the city afraid that Magnus would return. Now Ms. Honey has the house and the money. Mr. & Mrs. Wormwood suddenly want to shift to another country. Matilda does not want to go. She stays with Ms. Honey forever. However, her parents are happy that there is one less for them to take care of. But Matilda’s brother is really sad to leave his sister. They all are happy.

Part I Enjoyed The most : I enjoyed the part when Trunchbull throws  a girl because she wears pig-tails. She did it so to show her dislike of pig-tails.

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