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Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Chronicles of Narnia : The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe

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Title : The Chronicles of Narnia : The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe

Author : C. S. Lewis

Main Characters : Lucy, Peter, Susan, Edmund, Mr. Tumnus, Aslan, White Witch and Mr. & Mrs.  Beaver

Description Of One Of The Main Characters : Mr. Tumnus is a faun who works for the White Witch. But he is very kind unlike her. His work is to kidnap any girl in Narnia. When Lucy, the daughter of Eve, meets him, he warns her never to come to Narnia. He is turned into stone by the White Witch for not bringing Lucy to her.

Whom I like and Why : I like Aslan. He is the king of Narnia. He kills the White Witch of the North in the end. He makes the four children, Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy, as the kings and queens of Narnia. He is the son of the wind beyond the river.

Whom I dislike and Why : I dislike Edmund as he goes to the Witch’s castle and gets into trouble. He tells the Queen about the faun Tumnus. He leads everybody into trouble.

Setting/Theme Of The Story : Four Children named Lucy, Peter, Susan and Edmund, go into a wardrobe and find themselves in a totally different world called Narnia. They become friends with the faun Tumnus and also with the Beavers. Suddenly Edmund runs away to the White Witch and tells her all about Aslan, The Great Lion, returning to Narnia and about his brother and sisters. Aslan returns back to Narnia. He saves Edmund and brings him back to the three children. He is killed by the White Witch for saving Edmund. But there is darker magic than what the White Witch knows and Aslan comes back alive. He kills the White Witch and makes the four children kings and queens of Narnia. The children rule the land with the help of Aslan. It is all peaceful and happy.

Part I Enjoyed The most : I enjoyed the part when Aslan brings back all the fauns, centaurs and other creatures who have been turned into stone by the wicked Witch in her castle.

Different Ending : Aslan declares to go back to his land beyond the world. He also gives Peter, the High King of Narnia, the territories of Narnia and further north. They all live happily ever after.

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