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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Chronicles Of Narnia : The Magician’s Nephew

Title :  The Chronicles Of Narnia : The Magician’s Nephew 

Author : C.S. Lewis

Main Characters : Polly, Digory, Unlce Andrew, Aunt Letty, Mrs. Kirke, Queen Jadis, Aslan, Strawberry and Cabman

Description Of One Of The Main Characters : Uncle Andrew is a stupid magician. He discovers how to go to other magical worlds. He is very selfish. He once works for Queen Jadis. He is coward. He sends a little girl named Polly to another world to check whether his magic works. At last, due to Aslan’s magic powers uncle Andrew becomes a tree in Narnia.

Whom I like and Why : I like Aunt Letty as she is very brave. She is Digory’s aunt. She takes care of Mrs. Kirke, Digory’s mother. She is very kind to Polly and Digory. When the stupid queen Jadis tries to rule the world of men, Aunt Letty stops her from doing so.

Whom I dislike and Why : I dislike queen Jadis as she is cunning and cruel. She thinks that Digory’s uncle Andrew rules the world of men. She once uses the deplorable word. It is a word when used destroys everything in the world except the person who uses it. The stupid queen destroys her own world using the deplorable word.

Setting/Theme Of The Story : Polly and Digory are sent to the “Wood between the worlds” by uncle Andrew, a magician. When they go there, they come out of a pond. It is a place where there are many ponds each leading into a different world. Digory and Polly jump into a pond and find themselves in a city called Charn. There was only one living creature in Charn. It was the wicked witch queen Jadis. She comes to the world of men with Digory and Polly. She tries to rule the world of men but while doing so uncle Andrew, Polly, Digory, the Cabman and queen Jadis herself go into a beautiful world called Narnia. In this world, a magestic Lion is the ruler. The Lion’s name is Aslan. This is how Narnia is found. Digory becomes the son of Adam and Polly becomes the daughter of Eve. The Cabman and his wife become the first rulers of Narnia. Queen Jadis escapes further north which is full of icy mountains and establishes her own rule there. They all live happily.

Part I Enjoyed The most : I enjoyed the part when Digory and Polly ride on Strawberry, a winged horse. The winged horse can also understand and speak very well.

Different Ending : Digory becomes the second king of Narnia.  He defeats the white witch or queen Jadis. He has his own palace. Digory conquers all the worlds including the “Wood between the worlds”.

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