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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Young Samurai – The way of the Sword.

Young Samurai: The Way of the Sword
Young Samurai: The Way of the Sword (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Title: Young Samurai – The way of the Sword.
Author: Chris Bradford
Main Characters: Jack Fletcher, Akkio, Yamato, Masamoto, Saburo, Yori, Kiku, Dokugan Ryu, Sensei Yamada, Hiroko, Sensei Hosokawa, Sensei Yosa, Sensei, Kyuzo, Kazuki, Nobu, Tenno, Taka-san and Father Lucicus. 
Description Of One Of The Main Characters: Yamato is Masamato- Sama’s second son his brother Tenno died and Jack became his brother. Yamato excels in Bojutsu.
Whom I Like and Why: I like Sensi Yamada very much. He is the Zen master. He is very old and wise. He knows Origami. He is from the sect of an old clan – the warrior monks. He teaches Jack the butterfly kick when he participated in the Taryu-Jiai.
Whom I dislike and Why: Sensei Kyozo is a very strict teacher of the Niten Ichi Kyu. He always calls Jack as gaijin – foreigner, barbarian. He does not accept Jack as one of them even though Masamato declares that Jack is his own son. But he is faithful and loyal to Masamato – Sama.
Setting/Theme Of the Story: Jack applies and conquers the circle of the three. Yamato and Akiko also apply with him. Jack and Akiko qualifies themselves by winning the circle of the three to learn the technique of Two Heavens. Kazuki forms the scorpion gang to kill Jack. Dokugan Ryu steals Jack’s father’s rutter. They go to search Dokugan Ryu. This is the end of The Way Of The Sword.
Part I Enjoyed The most: I enjoyed the part when Jack conquered the circle of the three. He gets qualified to learn the two heavens technique. 

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