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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Big Money

1st US edition
1st US edition (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Title: Big Money 
Author: P.G.Wodehouse
Main Characters: Berry Conway, T.Paterson Frisby, Ann Moon, Kitchie, Biscuit (Lord Biskerton), Mrs. Wisdom, Aunt Vera (Lady Vera)
Description Of One Of The Main Characters: Lord Biskerton, well known to his friends as Biscuit is a very poor man. He owns nothing but a titile – Lord Biskerton. He is very kind. He is the vest friend of Berry Conway.
Whom I Like And Why: I like Berry Conway very much. He is the secretary of T.Paterson Frisby. He lives in the outskirts of the city as he is very poor. He possessed only a duel copper mine. He lives with his old nurse, Mrs. Wisdom.
Whom I Dislike And Why: I dislike Aunt Vera as she always talks ill about Berry Conway. She calls him a liar. She is the aunt of Biscuit – Lord Biskerton.
Setting/Theme Of The Story: Berry Conway works under T.Paterson Frisby as his secretary. He is very poor. T.Paterson’s niece Ann Moon comes to London for a holiday. T.Paterson Frisby needed a guide to show her the places in England/London. He asks Berry if he knows someone who can act as a guide. Kind Berry knows that Biscuit is very poor and gives this chance to Aunt Vera. Frisby was ready to give a lot of money. Aunt Vera accepts. There is some problem, suddenly, between Frisby and his company partner Mr.Hoke. meanwhile Ann Moon falls in love with Berry Conway and they both get engaged. Aunt Vera, who is planning to marry Biskerton to Ann so that Biscuit inherits the money, was shocked by the news. But Biscuit gets engaged to Kitchie, his neighbour. As Berry is very poor, the try to tempt him with money. So, Mr.Frisby’s lawyer signs a cheque of £2000 to be given to Berry Conway on the condition that he breaks his engagement with Ann Moon. Berry Conway, who knows nothing about all this, is in his room. His friend Biscuit, wants to talk to him, but Berry doesn’t reply, so Biscuit thinks  Berry has gone out somewhere and sits on the doorstep waiting for him. At that time, Frisby’s lawyer comes with the cheque and thinks Biscuit is Berry. So, he asks if he wants £2000 on the condition that he leaves Ann Moon. Biscuit, who doesn’t own a single penny accepts it readily. Suddenly Mr.Hoke and his friend comes out from somewhere with a gun. At last Berry tackles both of them and hands them over to the police. Biscuit gives the £2000 cheque to Berry, a kind deed, and apologizes for accepting the cheque without his permission. But now, Berry is rich! He has big money!
Part I Enjoyed The Most: I enjoyed two parts. One was when Mrs. Wisdom, the old nurse of Berry Conway calls up Mr.Frisby’s office to ensure that Berry is wearing his warm wollies! Second, is when Berry lies that he is a secret agent, working for the secret service, to Ann Moon.

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