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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Young Samurai – The way of the Dragon

A katana
A katana (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Title: Young Samurai – The way of the Dragon
Author: Chris Bradford
Main Characters: Jack Fletcher, Akkio, Yamato, Masamoto, Saburo, Yori, Kiku, Dokugan Ryu, Sensei Yamada, Hiroko, Sensei Hosokawa, Sensei Yosa, Sensei, Kyuzo, Kazuki, Nobu, Tenno, Taka-san and Father Lucicus.
Description Of One Of The Main Characters: Hiroko is Akiko’s mother. She is very kind. She is a very soft-hearted women. She was the one who took care of Jack when he was new to Japan.
Whom I Like and Why: I like Masamato-Sama very much. He is a brave warrior. His first son, Masamato Tenno was killed by Dokugan Ryu, the Dragon eye. He adopts Jack as his son. He mastered the Two Heavens technique.
Whom I dislike and Why: I dislike Nobu, Kazuki’s friend. He is one among the scorpion gang. He is fat and has no fighting skills. He is very stupid and cannot think for himself. He and his other friends are Kazuki’s bodyguard. He is a coward but acts as if he is a great warrior when Kazuki is near him.
Setting/Theme Of the Story: Jack learns and masters the Two Heavens technique. He goes with the rest of the Niten Ichi Ryu to fight a war against Daimyo Kamakura. Kazuki becomes a traitor. He sets fire to the Niten Ichi Ryu along with his friends. Yamato dies while fighting Dokugan Ryu. But he also kills Dokugan Ryu. Jack fights the war and at the end gets defeated. Jack rescues his father’s rutter and sets to Nagasaki so that he can board a ship back home. Back to his sister, Jess.
Part I Enjoyed the Most: I enjoyed the part when Akiko reveals that she is a ninja to Jack. She had been training as a ninja to save her brother from the ninjas. 

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