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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

39 clues: The Emperor’s code

The 39 Clues
The 39 Clues (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Title: 39 clues: The Emperor’s code
Author : Gordan Norman
Main Characters: Amy, Dan, Nellie, Alistair Oh, Ian Natalie, Isabael, Cora Wizard, Jonah Wizard, Eisenhower, Hamilton and McIntyre.
Description of one of the main characters: Isabel Kabra is the head of the Lucian branch. She is Ian and Natalie’s mother. She is really cold and unkind to everyone. She killed Irina, Hope Cachill and Arthur Trent. She doesn’t believe her own children. She threatens to kill them if they don’t obey her. She is like a venomous snake.
Whom I Like and Why: I like Ian in this part. Even when Isabel asks Ian to hurt Dan or Amy, he doesn't kill anybody for the 39 clues. He is smart and brave. He is Natalie’s brother.
Whom I dislike and Why: I dislike Cora wizard. She is very much like Isabel except that she does not try to kill someone personally but will ask her son, Jonah Wizard to do it.
Setting/Theme of the story: Amy and Dan Cahill go to China as they find Hope and Arthur had gone there too. There they find a piece of cloth saying:
Lucian + Janus + Ekatrina + Tomas = Cahill 
They get a fight and Dan runs away alone. He joins forces with Jonah and searches for clues. Meanwhile Amy and Nellie opt to continue the clue hunt as they are sure they will meet Dan as he would also continue the clue hunt. They meet Dan at the foot of Mount Everest. Dan apologizes and, Amy and Dan go up in a helicopter where they find their cousins who are there to search clues but Amy and Dan find the clue which is the Tomas serum before their cousins. When they are about to come down, Ian Kabra slips from the ice and is about to die. Amy is the nearest to help him and she has to decide whether she has to hold the clue and let Ian die or drop the clue and save Ian. She choose the latter and saves Ian. Amy and Dan decide to go to Bahamas in search of the next clue.
Part I enjoyed the most: I enjoyed the part when they find the Tomas clue on the Mount Everest peak.

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