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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Foreign Language Programme(FLP) Series : How I chose French

I am going to learn French taught by FLP teachers. They gave me an option to choose among three languages French, Japanese and German. I told this to my father. He asked suggestions from his friends. One of his friends told me that it is a golden opportunity to learn French when I am young. My father asked suggestions through Facebook. There were many comments. My father also suggested French. Finally I chose French. 
Today we all assembled in a big hall. Many had chosen French and Japanese. Only a few had chosen German. They read out the names of the students assembled there and divided us into groups for convenience. For French, they divided us into two groups A& B. I am in the B group. Our French teacher introduced herself.  We sat quietly for sometime. They gave details about the dates and timings. We dispersed. I think it was a good orientation about the FLP classes.
I am looking forward to learn French and sharing my experience through my blog.


  1. Yes, it is good to learn a foreign language. I would not like to advise you in this regard. However, I feel that you should not stop at completing only the basics. I hope you can complete all the levels and be proficient in the language. Once you are through with the basics, please buy a French film and watch it again and again. This will help your language skills. I learnt Hindi by watching movies (to be honest with you).

    I would like to inform you that French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese share the same basics. Once you are through with French, you could concentrate on other European Languages, which would be easier for you. This is just a suggestion.

    All the Very Best!!!

    Sriram (Appa's Friend)


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