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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Famous Five( Five Go Off In A Caravan)

Title : Famous Five( Five Go Off In A Caravan)
Author : Enid Blyton
Main Characters : Anne, Dick, George, Julian, Timmy, Nobby, Barker, Growler, Pongo, Tiger Dan, Lou-the acrobat, Farmer Mackie and Mrs.Mackie 
Description of one of the main characters : Pongo is a funny chimpanzee who is a friend of Anne, Dick, George, Julian, Timmy and Nobby. Once when the Famous Five(Anne, Dick, George, Julian, Timmy) and Nobby are stuck in the middle of the confusing hill Pongo helps them to find  their way.
Whom I like and Why : I like Anne because she is responsible. She takes care of her three cousins and her pet dog Timmy. She is a kind and well-mannered girl too.
Whom I dislike and Why : I dislike Tiger Dan as he is selfish. He always wants everyone to listen to  him. He thinks he is very strong. Pongo beats him once and he never plays any trick on Pongo again.
Setting/Theme of the story : Anne,Dick, George, Julian and Timmy plan to spend their holidays in the hills. They are going to go off in a caravan on their own. They go to the Merran hill. They find a camp. They become friends with Barker, Growler, Pongo and Nobby. Lou and Tiger Dan always does some trouble to the Famous Five. Later the Famous Five find out that those two short-tempered man ( Lou and Dan) are smugglers. They smuggle valuable things. The Famous Five complain to the police and the smugglers are put into prison. The police thank the Famous Five. The Famous Five return home happy. 
The Part I enjoyed the most : I enjoyed the part when Pongo smacks the two smugglers, Dan and Lou. 
A different ending : The smugglers escape from the police and come to the children. They request the children not to tell the police and promise them that they would no more smuggle anything. Instead, they would be clowns or acrobats in a circus. The Famous Five are happy that the smugglers became good men. Nobby lives with them happily. Anne, Dick, George, Julian and Timmy have a very good holiday.
Five New Words I Learnt :
  • nuzzle – rub or push against gently with nose
  • muzzle – the nose and mouth of an animal
  • gorgeous – beautiful
  • trot – move at a pace faster than a walk
  • ledge – narrow horizontal projection

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