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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Rebecca Of Sunnybrook Farm

Title : Rebecca Of Sunnybrook Farm

Author : Kate Douglas Wiggin

Main Characters : Rebecca, Mira, Mirandy, Jane, Aurelia, Mark, Mr. Cobb, Uncle Jerry and Adam Ladd.

Description of one of the main characters : Aunt Mirandy is a short tempered lady with sharp tongue. Sometimes when Rebecca irritates her aunt Mirandy starts scolding and Rebecca has to get some comfort from Uncle Jerry or Aunt Jane. Mirandy is also disciplined. 

Whom I like and Why : I like everyone in the story. I like Rebecca the most. I like her as she is good at poetry. She is friendly with everyone. She is helpful to her aunts Mirandy and Jane. She is cheerful and enthusiastic.

Whom I dislike and Why : I do not dislike anyone in the story as everyone were good and generous. Everybody were kind to each other. There were no problems between them.

Setting/Theme of the story :  Aurelia has seven children. One of them is Rebecca Rowena Randall. Rebecca is sent to the brick house in Riverboro. She is carried from Maplewood to Riverboro by Mr. Cobb in his stage-coach. She arrives at the brick house and find her aunts Mirandy and Jane. She is friendly to everybody. Sometimes Rebecca wantedly irritates her short-tempered aunt Mirandy. Everyone in the town love her including Adam Ladd who Rebecca calls Mr. Alladin as he bought 300 soaps at a time at an enormous price. When Rebecca finishes her school at Riverboro she goes to Wareham to study more. Her study at Wareham ends. When it ends, suddenly, her mother Aurelia falls sick and she has to go to Sunnybrook. When she is staying at Sunnybrook with her mother, aunt Mirandy dies. Rebecca has to run to Riverboro to attend the funeral of her aunt. Aunt Jane gives the brick house to Aurelia and her children. So, it is time for Rebecca to say good-bye to the old Sunnybrook farm. 

The Part I enjoyed the most : I enjoyed the part when Rebecca helps the Simpson family to buy a lamp for Christmas by selling 300 soaps at a time to Mr. Alladin.

A different ending : Aunt Jane and Aunt Mirandy invites Mark and Mira to make them educated like Rebecca. Rebecca starts working and begins to earn quite a fat sum. Everybody were healthy and happy in the brick house.

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