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Monday, August 16, 2010

The Curse


Once upon a time there were three adjacent bungalows in a village. The people in the village feared to go near them. They believed that ghosts lived there. In the same village there lived three friends called Lina, Tina and Rina. Rina and Lina had faith in ghosts. Tina did not believe and challenged them that she will prove that there are no ghosts by going to the ruined bungalows that midnight. Her friends were afraid of her life and said that they would accompany her. That midnight Tina’s bag was loaded with torches. She had a look at the bungalows. An old ghost had heard her challenge and decided to teach her a lesson. The bungalow was tall and wide. It had a great wall preventing people from getting inside. Tina was excited. When she went near,the wall vanished and she went in. She lit her torch and had a look again. She stepped into the house which was open. The house was not painted. There were some paint boxes kept in a corner. The paints started to paint the house on its own, but Tina was least afraid. She went on inside. The ghosts got angry and played another trick on her. The ghosts rattled the chains of the house and made a frightening noise. Tina did not bother and continued to explore the hall. There was a big carpet full of blood stains. All the stains suddenly vanished and the lights turned on.Tina was surprised to see this but still she continued to go and explore. Then she found a board in which a message was written.She was curious to read it. She read it and the message was

“To the one who finds us, if you pull our chain, we will be released from the curse. We will be grateful to you.”

She realised that it is because of a curse they had become ghosts. So she sat down and started saying a fairy tale. The story became so interesting that the ghosts drew near to her. She was waiting for all the ghosts to come nearer. When all the ghosts came near she pulled the chain and slowly ghosts turned to young and old people. Everybody were happy and praised her for the brave act.  


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