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Friday, August 6, 2010

The Indian In The Cupboard

Title: The Indian In The Cupboard
Author: Lynne Reid Banks
Main Characters: Little Bear, Omri, Boone, Patrick and Bright Stars
Description of one of the main characters: Patrick is a tall boy with a rough nature. He is actually not fit to have the little living creatures. He doesn’t keep a secret to himself. He is one of the best friends of Omri.
Whom I like and Why: Even though small in size, Little Bear is brave and fierce. He has black eyes. I like the way he fights and how he talks. He is friendly to Boone and makes Boone as his brother.
Whom I dislike and Why: I do not dislike anyone in the story as everyone are good at something. Even though Patrick is rough in nature, he gives good food to Little Bear and Boone.
Setting/Theme of the story: Patrick presents Omri an Indian on Omri’s birthday. Omri does not like this present. His two brothers give him an unusual cupboard and a magical key which turns lifeless toys into real ones. Omri does not believe his brothers first. Then when he puts the Indian in the cupboard it turns to a live little creature. It is fun having the live Indian but the Indian needs food and shelter which is difficult to provide. He tells the secret to Patrick. Patrick wants to have one for himself. It is Boone the cowboy he has. The Indian’s name is Little Bear. Little Bear becomes a chief and wants a wife. An Indian girl named Bright Stars is his wife. The adventures with Boone, Little Bear, Omri and Patrick is the story of The Indian In The Cupboard.
The Part I enjoyed the most: I enjoyed the part when Omri takes Little Bear and Boone to school and gets caught and how he escapes from the school headmaster.
A different ending: Little Bear does not become a chief. He doesn’t want a wife. Boone goes to Little Bear’s time and all the brothers of Little Bear kill him. Little Bear can no more bear it. He goes to Omri and Patrick and tells them the whole story. Patrick feels sad. Little Bear is owned by both of them after Boone had gone.
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