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Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Movie: Tangled
Genre: Animation, Comedy
Directed by: Nathan Greno, Bryon Howard
Produced by: Roy Conli, John Lasseter, Glen Keane
Based on: Rapunzel by Grimm Brothers (a Russian Fairytale)
Music by: Alan Menken

A drop of sunlight becomes a golden flower with healing abilities. An old witch uses this flower to stay young forever. But the Queen has fallen ill, and so, the soldiers take this flower to the Queen, and the Queen becomes healthy again. Soon the Queen gives birth to Rapunzel, the young princess, with long golden hair. The angry witch takes the baby girl to a lonely hidden tower and raises her there. The witch will stay young as long as Rapunzel’s golden hair stays.

Rapunzel grows with the witch believing her to be “mother”. Every year, she notices that on her birthday, lots of lanterns light up the sky, coming from the city. She dreams of going to the city and exploring places beyond the tower. But, the witch does not allow her, saying “mother knows best”.

One day, the witch leaves the tower promising to return in three days, when young Rapunzel meets a “WANTED” thief- Flynn Rider. He has come into the tower to hide from the soldiers of the kingdom from which he had stolen a crown. She hides the crown, after she beats Flynn Rider unconscious with a saucepan! After he regains consciousness, she makes a deal with him- he takes her to see the lanterns, and then she will give him back the crown. Flynn agrees. He takes her through the forest to the city. On their way, Rapunzel turns enemies to friends with her charm and innocence. But, the witch spots Rapunzel dancing in one place, and she is enraged. When royal soldiers find about the presence of Flynn Rider in the inn, they immediately try to capture him. But Rapunzel and Flynn, with the help of their friends from the inn, escape.

At this time, Rapunzel heals Flynn when he is hurt with her golden hair’s  healing power. Flynn admits to Rapunzel that his name is actually Eugene, and Rapunzel starts calling him Eugene. They successfully go to the city, but the witch follows them closely with two other men waiting to kill Flynn Rider. Rapunzel finally sees the sky lit up lanterns and gives Eugene the crown. But Eugene, realizing he didn't want to steal anymore, gives off the crown to the two men waiting to kill him. They send him off to the royal soldiers who take Flynn to the guillotine for the beheading. The witch takes Rapunzel back to the tower.

Flynn is saved by the royal horse- Maximus- which became his friend when he was with Rapunzel. It takes him to the tower so that he can save Rapunzel. Meanwhile, Rapunzel finds out that she is the lost princess for whom they were lighting the lanterns every year. She talks to the witch about it, but the witch ties Rapunzel with chains.

When Eugene comes to save her, the witch cuts him almost killing him. Rapunzel promises the witch that she would do as the witch says for the rest of her life if the witch let her heal Eugene. The witch lets her near Eugene. But as Rapunzel tries to heal, Eugene cuts off her hair with a knife, thus defeating the witch. The witch tumbles out of the tower and turns to dust.

Rapunzel cries when Eugene dies. Her tears cure Eugene, and he comes back alive. They go to the palace together. There is a happy reunion with the KIng and the Queen. The whole kingdom celebrates. And, finally, Eugene and Rapunzel marry to live happily ever after!

I love the movie. Maximus and Pascal (Rapunzel’s pet chameleon) are my favourite characters. I like the songs in the movie. All the characters are charming and nice. I loved the part when Rapunzel thinks she has to defend herself, and attacks the undefeatable, most “WANTED” thief Flynn Rider- with a saucepan!

It was fun to watch the movie.

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