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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Chicken Run

Movie: Chicken Run
Genre: Animation, Comedy
Directed by: Peter Lord and Nick Lord
Produced by: David Sproxton, Peter Lord and Nick Lord
Story by: Peter Lord, Nick Park
Music by: John Powell, Harry Gregson-Williams

Chickens from cruel Mrs. Tweedy’s farm, encouraged by Ginger, a leader-chicken, try to escape from the fenced farm through various methods. When Ginger tries to think of newer ideas, she meets a circus rooster named Rocky that lands on Tweedy’s farm in mid-flight. Thinking that Rocky knows to fly, Ginger retains him in the farm, protecting him from the circus people who come in search. She makes a deal with him- she will protect him from the circus people and he has to teach all the hens in the farm to fly, so that all of them can escape from Mrs. Tweedy.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Tweedy gets bored of making minor profits from the egg-farm business, and decides to start making chicken pies that will earn her more money. The hens in the farm come to know of this and they frantically practice flying. But it doesn’t work out. They find out that Rocky cannot fly,and that he was simply thrust into the air. Finally, Ginger gets an idea. All the chickens work hard- together- and create a huge aircraft. Fowler, a senior rooster pilots the craft and they all escape, leaving Mrs. Tweedy fuming and almost making a pie out of her! It all ends happily.

The movie was okay. I wouldn’t say I love it. But there were a lot of funny scenes and the climax was pretty good.

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