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Sunday, January 4, 2015


Movie: Frozen
Genre: Animation
Directed by: Chris Buck, Jennifer Lee
Produced by: Peter Del Vecho
Story By: Chris Buck, Jennifer Lee and Shane Morris
Music by: Christophe Beck

Elsa, the princess of Arendelle, has special powers to control ice and snow. She hurts her younger sister Anna on the head, and their parents take her to the Troll king to rescue Anna. Anna is rescued but the King and Queen, worried about the damage Elsa can create, isolates Elsa from Anna. The two stay apart. But suddenly one day, the King and the Queen die in an accident. Anna, roams the halls of the palace all alone since Elsa wouldn’t come out of her room, afraid that she might hurt her sister.

Finally, after a few years, Elsa comes out of her room for her coronation. The gates of the palace are opened after a long time, and all the people gather for the ceremony. Elsa, tells herself to control her powers, so that the ceremony goes normally. Anna, is all excited since this is the first time she is going out in years, and also meeting her locked up sister-Elsa. The ceremony goes well.

But when Anna comes to Elsa, declaring she is going to marry Prince Hans of the Southern Isles, Elsa disagrees and loses control of herself. She brings eternal winter to Arendelle. Afraid of the consequences, she runs away to the northern mountains and builds an icy palace for herself where she could let her powers be free without hurting anybody. Anna, back in Arendelle, leaves the place under Hans’s charge, and goes in search of her sister.

Anna, with the help of an iceman named Kristoff, his reindeer called Sven and an alive snowman called Olaf, finds Elsa. She tries to bring her back to Arendelle. Elsa tries to send her sister off before she gets out of control and hurt her sister by mistake. But Anna doesn't go, and when Elsa goes out of control, she hurts Anna- this time on the chest. Anna, Kristoff, Olaf and Sven go to the trolls but the Troll king declares that Anna can be saved only by true love.

Thinking true love exists back in Arendelle with Hans, Anna’s friends transport her to Arendelle palace. But there, Anna finds that Hans wanted to marry her only for the riches- not for true love. She thinks she can find true love back in Kristoff and tries to reach him. Kristoff comes back to Arendelle seeing a commotion, praying all the while for Anna’s life.

Meanwhile, Hans captures Elsa, and Elsa tries to run away, again. When Hans tries to kill Elsa, Anna gets on to his way. At that time, she turns into ice because of the hurt in her chest caused by Elsa. Hans hits the ice and falls back. Elsa, seeing her sister turn to ice, hugs her and cries. This is the true love that cures Anna. She turns back to normal. Elsa, also gains control of her powers and Arendelle becomes free from the eternal winter. Everybody is happy forever.

I loved Anna the best in the movie. She is so cheerful, funny and nice. She loves her friends and her sister so much! I also love Olaf- the snowman! He is so cute, and soft-hearted. I loved the parts when Olaf talks how he has always liked summer better than winter, and his sunny dreams.

Frozen is one the best animated movies I have seen. It is simply wonderful. I loved it.

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