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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Catching Fire

English: A map of the fictional nation of Pane...
English: A map of the fictional nation of Panem from Suzanne Collins' "The Hunger Games." (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Title: Catching Fire
Author: Suzanne Collins
Main Characters : Katniss Everdeen, Peeta Mellark, Gale, Rim Everdeen, Hazelle, Haymitch, Linna, Octavia, Portia, Finnick, Mags, Johanna, Beetee, Wiress, Darius, Thread, Careers and President Snow.
Descriptin of one of the main characters: Finnick Odair is one of the participant of the Hunger Games, this year. He has already participated in the Hunger Games when he was 14 and also won it. He is the youngest boy to have won the games in the age of 14. His mentor is a lady named Mags. He is very brave. He is skilled in using swords and tridents. He is from District 4.
Whom I like and why: I like Darius. He becomes an Avox because he steps forward to save Gale from Thread. He is very brave. He serves for Katniss during the Hunger Games. An Avox is a person whose tongue has been cut by the Capitol so that they can never talk. This is a kind of punishment the Capitol gives to people who oppose the Capitol and its rules.
Whom I dislike and why: I dislike President Snow. He wants Peeta and Katniss dead. He is very selfish. He is the President of the whole Panem.  He has the power to alter laws and rules in Panem. He is heartless. He gives extra liberty to the Capitol of Parem. He likes to see the Hunger Games every year.
Setting/theme of the story: Peeta Mellark and Katniss Everdeen get lots of money and a big house in the Victor’s village. They tour the village together. In this year of Hunger Games, Katniss and Haymitch get selected. Peeta volunteers for Haymitch, so, Peeta and Katniss participate again. They form allies with Johanna, Beetee, Wiress, Mags and Finnick. Meanwhile the people who oppose the Capitol decide to rebel against the Capitol. They use Katniss’s pin, the Mocking jay, as their symbol. Cinna, Katniss’s stylist in the Hunger Games, is also a one of those who oppose the Capitol. So, he channels his emotion into Katniss’s dress by making the outfit like a Mockingjay’s feathers. By this, he tells the people that he is a part of the rebellion. He is punished by the Capitol for this. They all go into the arena and the seventy-fifth Hunger Games begins. Mags, Finnick, Beetee, Wireess, Peeta, Johanna and Katniss stay together. Meanwhile in Capitol, Haymitch and Peutarch, another mentor of District 4, plan to blow up the arena and get out all the victors alive without the Capitol knowing about it. The Victor tributes from Districts 3,4,6,7,8 and 11 have varying degrees of knowledge about it. Only Peeta and Katniss do not know about the plan. Most of the districts in Panem are in full scale rebellion. In the arena, most of them die.  Wiress gets picked up in a hovercraft. Beetee using his wire ties to make a hole in the forcefield. The arena gets picked up in a hole in the forcefield. The arena gets blowed up. Mags dies. Katniss, Finnick and Beetee are saved by Haymitch and the people who rebel against the Capitol. Peeta and Johanna are taken away by the Capitol people. Haymitch explains to her that they saved her first instead of Peeta as she was the Mocking jay, the symbol of the rebellion. As long as she was safe, the rebellion will continue and they can win over the Capitol. Katniss falls asleep. When she wakes up she sees Gale, her friend, who is supposed to be in District 12. He explains to her that after the Games, the Capitol sent in planes and dropped fire-bombs. There is no District 12 anymore. He also tells her that he saved Prim and her mother just in time. That’s the end of Catching fire.
Part I like the most: I enjoyed the part when Cinna cleverly signals to the people that he will be a part of the rebellion by dressing Katniss as a Mocking Jay. The Capitol kills him for that.

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