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Friday, February 1, 2013

39 clues: The Viper’s nest

The 39 Clues
The 39 Clues (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Title: 39 clues: The Viper’s nest
Author: Peter Lerangis
Main Characters: Amy, Dan, Nellie, Alistair Oh, Ian Kabra, Natalie Kabra, Isabel Kabra, Hamilton, Eisenhower, McIntyre and Jonah Wizard.
Description Of One Of The Main Characters: McIntyre is a lawyer and is also a Madrigal. He is a kind man. He sometimes helps Amy and Dan Cahill in their leads to the clues. He was Grace’s lawyer.
Whom I Like And Why: I like Nellie, Amy and Dan's ‘Au pair’ very much. She loves music and dance. She is twenty years old. She helps Amy and Dan travel everywhere to hunt for the clues. She also helps them out when they get into trouble.
Whom I Dislike and Why: I dislike Jonah. He is a hip-hop star singer. He thinks low of Amy and Dan. He is a liar. He always wants fame. He is a coward. He is always outsmarted by his Cahill cousins.
Setting/Theme Of The Story: Amy and Dan Cahill go in search of clues and to seek the knowledge of their partent’s branch in the Cahill family. They are always targeted by their Cahill cousins who know their own Cahill branches. They arrive at Grace’s house which is shown by one of Grace Cahill’s friends.
There they come to know that they, Amy and Dan Cahill, and their parents, Arthur Trent and Hope Cahill, and their beloved grandmother, Grace Cahill, were the deadly Madrigals whom everyone feared. Amy and Dan understand why Grace never told them their branch. She didn't tell them because all four other branches of the Cahills  – Tomas, Lucian, Ekatrina and Janus – hate and are afraid of the Madrigals.

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