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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Dario's In Chennai

Our tennis master let us go early, a couple of weeks ago, and while we were coming back in the car we guessed that it might be because of Chennai Open. My father asked my mom if she remembered going to one of the Chennai Open matches once. My mother told that she remembered and she also said that she remembered the lousy pizza he bought for her there. At that point of the conversation, I jutted in saying that pastas and pizzas are very good if you eat at the right place. Then my brother reminded us of the day my mom made Sunfeast pasta and we had hated it. My mom stated that she dislikes pasta. My father said that he would take us to an Italian restaurant one day and show us the real taste of pasta and pizza. My mom suggested that it could be today as she hadn't prepared any dinner.

On reaching home, my father checked Zomato. We could spot a few vegetarian Italian restaurants. And that is how we landed up in Dario's. We got stuck in the traffic so we booked a table. After reaching there, I went in with my brother to have a look at the kitchen. I met the master chef. The kitchen was clean. They had gas burners and electric stoves. They showed us the ovens which generate so much heat. Have you ever wondered how they make pizzas in restaurants? I saw how they make and here is the video:

Of all the tings I ate, liked 'Chocolate Brownie With hot Chocolate Sauce and Ice Cream' the best.

My father overdressed and he explained thus:
"Such restaurants will have too much of AC and I don't want to sit there feeling cold and uncomfortable."
But Dario's disappointed him. The AC was very bad.

The service was good. We all had a good dinner. It was a really nice experience. We all got to know how pastas and pizzas taste- our main objective of going there. Thanks Dario's for introducing us to the Italian cuisine.

Name: Dario's
Address: Dario's, Poes Garden, Chennai
Ambience: The AC was bad
Food taste: The food is very good...
Service: The service is very nice.
Cleanliness: The whole place is very clean. The kitchen is maintained neat.
Parking: It's valet parking.
Cost: Worth the whole experience.
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  1. Hi Sandhya

    What a lovely post, totally enjoyed it. Especially the video :) Did you do it or did dad help you with it? I was here a week after they had opened with my parents and grandparents and we had a good time as well, but that day service was very slow and Ac worked, but was not cold..

    Keep writing more :))

    1. Thank you for your kind words and sharing your experience, Aarti Akka. I did the video myself. Appa did not get up from his seat. The people in the restaurant were enthusiastic in showing us around.

  2. Hey Sandhya,

    That's a pretty awesome blog post I must say... Really happy to have a little lady's perspective on food and restaurants... Keep up the good work...



  3. Keep up the good work little lady :) Enjoyed reading your post! Whenever I visit this place, am going to be reminding your blog :)
    Have fun!

  4. hmmm..so the next time i visit down south to Chennai, I'll definitely go to Darios (after meeting you of course!!)

    1. That will be wonderful. We shall go together. Look forward to the same.

    2. I would also like to join u Guys !

  5. Dear Sandhya,

    Thanks for the wonderful review. Iam the CEO of Dario's and it was great reading it. Would love to see you soon @ Dario's. Pls do call me @ 99942-50747.


    Suresh Cumar

    1. Thanks Mr.Cumar. I shall ask my father to buzz you next time when we come over there.


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