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Monday, July 23, 2012

The Young King by Oscar Wilde

The young king is to be crowned tomorrow. He goes to sleep in the royal bed. He gets  three strange dreams. He first dreams that many weavers sit and weave all night long cursing the loom and toaiushhe young king. When the young king asks them what they are weaving for all night, in the dream, they reply that they are weaving the young king’s coronation dress. The young king wakes up with a cry and then sleeps again. This time he gets a dream that a lady is asking more and more workers go inside the mines and bring diamond. When the young king asks one of the workers, in his dream, what they are going inside for, he replies that they are going to take the diamonds for the king’s crown. Once again the young king wakes up with a cry and falls asleep again. This time he gets a dream that many workers go in a wooden boat searching for something in the middle of the night. He asks one of them where they were going in the middle of the night and he answers that they were searching for pearls to fit in the young king’s sword. The king wakes up. This time he sees that it is dawn. While he gets ready to wear his clothes for the coronation he sees that they looked like the clothes that came in his dream and refuses to wear it. Instead he wears a shepherd’s cloth. When he is about to take his sword, he sees the pearl in it and refuses to have that also. Instead he picks up a shepherd’s stick. When the young king goes to accept the crown, he sees the diamonds in the crown and refuses to wear it on his head. Instead he wear's a shepherd's headband. All the others mock at the young king but the king goes straight to the God for his morning prayers and after praying, when he comes out, the shepherd’s clothes look brighter than the gold, the shepherd’s headband looks rich than diamonds and the shepherd’s stick looks like a shinning sword. All the people look at him with awe and respect.


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