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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Gladiator – Street Fighter

Title: Gladiator – Street Fighter
Author: Simon Scarrow
Main Characters: Marcus, Decimus, Pompeius, Gaius Julius Caesar, Portia, Brixus, Ferax, Milo, Bibilious and Festus.
Description of one of the main characters: Marcus is a eleven year old boy. He is the bodyguard of Portia. He earns Gaius Julius Caesar’s, his master’s, respect by saving the life of Portia and Caesar himself. He spies on Milo and his street gangs for Caesar as Milo is Caesar’s sworn enemy. At last, when he saves Caesar from his death, planned carefully by Decimus and Bibilious, Marcus earns his freedom from slavery as a reward. He sets about finding his mother, Amaratis(Livia).
Whom I like and why: I like Gaius Julius Caesar as he is very fair and not very cruel to his loyal servants. He gives them proper rewards. He does things for the welfare of the people. He is Portia’s uncle.
Whom I dislike and why: I dislike Decimus because he is very cunning. He tries to kill Julius Caesar by giving poison. But Marcus finds that it contains poison and pushes it out of Caesar’s hand in time.
Setting/theme of the story: As Marcus becomes the slave of Caesar and is the bodyguard of Portia, he comes to Caesar’s house in Rome. He is trained by Festus, a soldier in Caesar’s army. Marcus learns to fight with all kinds of weapons quickly. He saves Portia’s life when two kidnappers from Milo’s street gangs try to kidnap her. As Caesar’s spy, he goes to the pit – where Milo and his street gangs live – and works as a house slave in Milo’s house. He hears all the secrets spoken by Milo and Bibilius and tells them to Caesar. He saves Caesar’s life when Decimus tries to give Caesar poison. Later Bibilious challenges Caesar to call a fight, with one of their gladiators versus Marcus, if he dares. So Marcus is sent into the arena and he meets his old enemy Ferax as his opponent again. This time he kills the celt and earns Caesar even more glory from the people. So, Caesar gives him freedom from his slavery as  reward for being loyal and serving him. Marcus sets bout finding his mother, Amaratis(Livia).
Part I enjoyed the most: I enjoyed the part where the street gangs of the pit fight with the street gangs of Rome.

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