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Monday, July 9, 2012

My First Novel : Wizile

I have published my first novel as an ebook and sharing it free for your reading. Please read the novel and share your comments here. My brother Sanjay Varadharajan did the illustrations.


  1. This is so good, Sandhya! I have started reading Wizile page by page and I must say it is very interesting...can't wait to finish the book!

    and the illustrations are good too. Keep it up!!

    1. Hi Vinaya. Your words are so encouraging. Thank you very much. Look forward to your comments after reading the book.

  2. Could you share your email id with me at oldfox004@gmail.com

    I was interested in spreading your story, so would like to email you in that respect.

  3. Hi Sandhya,
    I read your story 'Wizile' and it took me to a fantasy land. Tyla and Finn reminded me of my sister and I and the fun we used to have as children.I was Tyla and she was Finn :) The illustrations are very nice, I especially liked the elf's drawing, Tinkclinktink (and his name).Great work Sandhya and Sanjay.
    Will be visiting your blog to read more of your blog posts.

    Congratulations and Best of luck

    1. Thank you very much. These encouraging words will provide oxygen for my writing. I showed this to Sanjay. I thank you on behalf of both of us.


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