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Friday, May 28, 2010

Five Children And It

The Psammead
Titl : Five Children And It
Author: E. Nesbit
Main Characters: Robert, Jane, Cyril, Anthea, Maratha, Psammead and Lamb.
Description of one of the main characters: Maratha is a very kind and patient lady. She never scolds the four children for their mischief. 
Whom I like and Why: I like Robert as he is brave and kind to his two sisters, Jane and Anthea.
Whom I dislike and Why: I dislike the baker’s boy as he beats Robert once and he is always rude to everyone.
Setting/Theme of the story: Robert, Anthea, Cyril and Jane dig a hole to Australia to see if the people there walked upside down. Before they dig too deep, they find a furry creature with bat’s ears. It is a Psammead. The Psammead grants a wish each day but the wishes get undone at sunset. The children ask many wishes but none are useful. Finally one day, the sand fairy grants no more wishes as it starts sleeping for the rest of its life.
The Part I enjoyed the most: I enjoyed the part when Robert becomes a giant and works in a circus for a day knowing that he will return to the same size at sunset. He earns some money which is useful to him in his fight against the Red Indians.
A different ending: The mother of these five children comes to know about the sand fairy and the whole family started asking for wishes to be fulfilled. The old habit of asking wishes comes back and children started building sand castles for sand fairies. All of them are happy again.
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