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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Famous Five (The five are together again)

The Famous Five (1970s TV series)
The Famous Five (1970s TV series) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Title: The Famous Five(The Five Are Together Again).
Author: Enid Blyton
Main Characters: Georgina, Dick, Anne, Julian, Timmy, Tinker, Mr. Wooh, Jenny, Mischif and Prof. Hayling
Description of one of the main characters: Georgina is a brave and a stubborn girl who wishes to be a boy.
Whom I like and Why: I like Prof. Hayling as he is brainy and short-tempered. He invents many unusual things.
Whom I dislike and Why:  I dislike Mr. Wooh, the wonderful magician, as he is a cunning man with greed for more money.
Setting/Theme of the story: The four cousins and their dog pitch their tents near the world-famous scientist. They have a lot of fun and suddenly one morning some important papers of the scientist go missing. They try to solve the theft. They try to hide the remaining papers safely at the Kirrin Island. Finally they find the thief. It is Mr. Wooh. They solve the mystery.
Part I enjoyed the most: The humour when Charlie, the chimp, help the four cousins and the dog to put their tents in the field.
A different ending: The five could never solve the mystery. It was time to go back to the Kirrin Cottage. The theft remained a mystery for The Famous Five and their friends at big hollow. They said good-bye and went back to Kirrin Cottage confused about the theft in the tower.
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