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Tuesday, May 5, 2015


Movie: Rango
Genre: Fantasy, Animation
Directed by: Gore Verbinski
Produced by: Gore Verbinski, Graham King and John B. Carls
Based On: John Logan and Gore Verbinski
Music by: James Ward Byrkit

Rango is crazy pet chameleon who gets pushed into the desert after his “home” breaks. He meets another animal that directs Rango to the city of Dirt for water. Rango goes there and becomes the sheriff. People start believing in him to bring water to the town. He tries various things, but does not succeed. He forms a team and they all go in search of water. They chase a group of animals taking a water can, defeat them, but find that there is no water in the water tank. They come back disappointed.

That is all I saw. I didn’t sit back to watch the full movie. For some reason, I totally didn’t like the movie. The animation and the effects were all good, but… I didn’t like the story or the characters.

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