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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Puss In Boots

Movie: Puss In Boots
Genre: Fantasy, Animation
Directed by: Chris Miller
Produced by: Latifa Ouaou and Joe M. Aguilar
Based On: Brian Lynch
Music by: Henry Jackman

Puss in Boots, the talking cat, is busy hiding as he is labelled “wanted” in his home, San Ricardo. The police are searching for him, but he manages to stay hidden. Puss goes behind the magical beans which is in the possession of the cruel Jack and Jill. While he almost takes the magical beans, he meets a competitor- Kitty Softpaws- who is extremely swift and sly.

They start fighting, and both end up not taking the magical beans. Kitty Softpaws leads Puss to Puss’s old friend who betrayed him- Humpty Dumpty. Even after a lot of arguments, Puss refuses to partner with Humpty to steal the beans.  

Kitty Softpaws tries convincing Puss, on her own, but Puss only goes back to the past, again and again. Puss goes on to tell Kitty about how close Humpty and he had been, and how Humpty had betrayed him and lured him into stealing from the bank of San Ricardo! Just then, Humpty appears and apologizes to Puss, begging him to give another chance. Puss agrees saying that if they do find the golden eggs on top of the beanstalk, he would like to repay the people of San Ricardo.

They agree, and also successfully steal the beans from Jack and Jill. They sow the beans and the legendary beanstalk takes them to the Giant’s castle. They find the golden goose and the golden eggs. They bring the golden goose back to San Ricardo.

Back in San Ricardo, Puss is shocked to find that Humpty had arranged for the arrest of Puss. He also gets to know that Kitty softpaws, Jack and Jill and everybody else that he met were working for Humpty! He is thrown into the jail in San Ricardo. From his jail-mate Andy Beanstalk, the original Jack from the “Jack And The Beanstalk”, he finds out that the Great Terror is the mother of the golden goose! Puss breaks free from the jail with the help of Kitty Softpaws, who comes back to save him. He reaches out to Humpty, brings out the good in him, and they unite to restore the golden goose back to its mother. But it is too late, and the Great Terror comes to San Ricardo. They take the goose out of San Ricardo to prevent damage and give the golden goose to the Great Terror. The golden goose is sent off safely, but Humpty Dumpty falls from the bridge that breaks, and dies. The police still search for Puss, but Puss becomes the hero of San Ricardo!

He is still on the run but with a partner- Puss In Boots and Kitty Softpaws!

The movie is superb, especially the climax! I love all the characters. It was a good watch!

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