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Sunday, April 5, 2015


Movie: Turbo
Genre: Fantasy, Animation
Directed by: David Soren
Produced by: Lisa Stewart
Story by: David Soren
Music by: Henry Jackman

Theo, the garden snail, loves racing, and is inspired by Guy Gagné’s words, “No dream is too big, no dreamer too small”! Theo is scoffed at by all his snail friends. Chet, Theo’s brother, is worried. One day, while the snails are on their duty of collecting over-ripe tomatoes, one of it falls into the lawn. Theo goes forward to get back the tomato, but just then the land mower starts, which means that the snails are in DANGER. Theo imagines himself to be a racer, and imagines the land mower as his competitor in the race. In this version of Theo’s race, the tomato becomes the goal! Theo almost gets crushed, but his friends save him.

After that, Theo wanders off on his own to see the city cars, and accidentally ends up ON a racing car. He gets sucked inside, and the fuel goes into him. After his small accident cum adventure, he returns to his group. To his glad surprise, he finds himself acting like a car! His eyes become the headlights, his mouth becomes the radio, his shell becomes the engine! And, he is able to zoom around at top speed like a racing car!

But he literally creates destruction for his snail friends because of his unusual, nature-defying speed. The leader of the snails throws Chet and Theo out of the group. Just when Chet is getting mad on Theo, a crow attacks Chet and carries him off. Following this there is a fight between three crows for the snail while Turbo follows the flying birds on the road at top speed. He saves his brother from the crows. But they are taken away by a man named Tito, who sells Tacos with his brother Angelo at a restaurant.

In the snail racing contest between Tito and his friends, Theo tops, and becomes a favourite among the snails, and Theo even joins the group of racing snails! The only people against the whole thing are Chet, Theo’s brother, and Angelo,Tito’s brother. But, Theo and Tito, decide to enter Theo into the upcoming racing competition - Indianapolis 500 or the Indy 500! Tito convinces the rest of his friends to invest money, and Theo gets in through to the competition, in which his idol- Guy Gagné- is also part of!

For the sake of the championship, Theo officially becomes “Turbo”! The racing starts. Theo does very well! But Guy Gagné is wicked and breaks Theo’s shell, which is actually the engine. So, Turbo becomes a normal garden snail again. But he wins the championship in a snail way, following the advice of his brother, Chet- tuck and roll! He wins the Indy 500, much to the anger of Guy Gagné! The Tacos man’s and his friends’ life change for the better.

The film is awesome. I like it so much. My favourite characters are Tito, his group of friends, and their snails. I also like Chet, Turbo, and Guy Gagné!

It was real fun watching the garden snail zoom through the race track!


  1. All the characters have played their rolls well. So let us dream to achieve great things.Nice review.

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  4. The same comment came here thrice.I do't know how.So I deleted two.Any way I liked your review.


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