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Saturday, April 4, 2015


Movie: Ratatouille
Genre: Fantasy, Animation
Directed by: Brad Bird
Produced by: Brad Lewis
Story by: Jan Pinkava, Brad Bird and Jim Capobianco
Music by: Michael Giacchino

Remy, the rat has an indispensable taste for gourmet, anything related to food. His greatest wish is to cook, create and relish, instead of stealing, which is what the rats usually do. In the clan of rats, his father is the chief, and has laid the rules perfectly clear: none of the rats are to go too close to human company. Remy defies the rules of the clan, and takes lessons from the neighbouring house’s television on which the show of the greatest chef of Paris, Gusteau, is aired regularly. Remy learns a lot from the master chef and tries out different things, carefully so as to not wake up the owner of the house.

But one day, he takes his brother Emile with him, and explores the kitchen making Emile stand in guard. But the owner wakes up and starts shooting at the rats. The whole clan of rats get into trouble. While running for their lives, Remy goes back to the house to take a book of Gusteau’s titled “Anyone Can Cook”. But Remy loses the rest of his family and friends, while doing so. He finally reaches a dark place, unhappily. He sits sadly thinking he has lost everything. He becomes hungry, but doesn’t know what to do!

He then starts exploring, and finds that he has reached the top of Gusteau’s restaurant! He goes into the kitchen, and sees that a young boy called Linguini has been employed as the garbage boy by the current master chef and owner- Skinner. The boy, without the knowledge of anybody, spoils the soup that it boiling near him, thoroughly, by adding random ingredients.

Shocked to see this, Remy moves quickly and corrects the soup, adding a little of his own inventions. But Linguini, the garbage boy, sees the rat busy working at the soup, and is astonished. By this time, the master chef Skinner sees Linguini fiddling with the dish, and is extremely angry.  When the soup is served by mistake to the customers, they think it is fabulous, and Linguini gets the popularity!

Linguini and his little chef Remy, work out an understanding, and Remy creates many wonderful dishes through the hands of his human friend Linguini, making his dream come true.

But Skinner the old master chef is jealous at the growing popularity of Linguini. Also, he finds that Linguini is the late Gusteau’s son, which means that Linguini is the rightful owner of the restaurant of Gusteau’s! Worried that this might come out, he grows very mad, and acts peculiar! Also, he comes to know of Remy, the rat-friend chef of Linguini.

The climax is amazing! Remy is captured by Skinner, but his family saves him, without the knowledge of Skinner! Anton Ego, the restaurant critic, who doesn’t believe in Gusteau’s motto- Anyone Can Cook- finally comes to Gusteau’s because of the growing popularity. Remy manages to come back to the aid of his friend Linguini, and they serve the simplest and the most plain dish to Ego- Ratatouille! Ego is flabbergasted! He congratulates Linguini and tells him that it was the best Ratatouille dish that he has ever had in years. They tell him the truth- that a rat prepared the dish, and the whole story behind it comes out.

Gusteau’s gets closed. But, Remy, Linguini and Colette, together start another famous restaurant- La Ratatouille- that serves for both the rats and the humans!

It is a very nice movie! I loved it. Especially the scenes where Remy controls Linguini by pulling his hair, and they practice to cook that way is amazing! It is must-see movie!

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