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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

FIFA 2014- KYT Series- Costa Rica

250px-Costa_Rica_(orthographic_projection).svg.pngKnow Your Team- Costa Rica
FIFA World Cup 2014
Location: Central America
Language: Spanish
Population: 4,586,353

Costa Rica’s best performance so far in the World Cups

In 1990, it qualified for the Round of 16.

2014 FIFA Group

Costa Rica belongs to Group D along with England, Italy and Uruguay.

Costa Rica Team 2014


Coach: Jorge Luis Pinto
Captain: Bryan Ruiz
Goalkeeper: Esteban Alvarado


“The size of the country is not important. It’s the quality of the football that matters and Costa Rica has that quality. Men, women and children adore the game and that really benefits the team.” -Jorge Luis Pinto


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