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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Three Filters

Portrait of Socrates. Marble, Roman artwork (1...
Portrait of Socrates. Marble, Roman artwork (1st century), perhaps a copy of a lost bronze statue made by Lysippos. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
“Sir…,” I called out a voice.
The philosopher Socrates looked up.
“I came to tell you a news,” said the man trying to tell something.
“Don’t be in a hurry, my friend…. Did you filter the news by the 3 filters?”
He did not understand.
“3 filters…?”
“The 1st filter stops anything that is not true….Is the news you wanted to convey true?”
“I do not know about that… The others were talking…just that…”
“The second filter stops bad news. Is the news you brought a good news?”
“The third filter stops any news which affects the others. Can the news you have brought do good to others?”
“The news that you came to tell me is not true. It is also not a good news. It is not going to benefit or bring happiness to anyone, isn’t?”
“My dear friend, why should we discuss about such a news wasting our time and energy?”

The man who came fell silent.

Translated by me from "Ullame Ulagam" by Thenkachi Ko Swaminathan (publishers Vanathi Pathipagam).
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