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Friday, August 10, 2012

The Happy Prince

1st edition
1st edition (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
the Happy Prince
the Happy Prince (Photo credit: s o b e r)
There was a statue of the Happy Prince in the middle of the city. A swallow came to rest under the prince’s feet. A tear drop fell from the Happy Prince’s eyes and drenched the swallow. The Happy Prince was crying! The swallow asked the Happy Prince what he was crying over. The Happy Prince told the swallow whatever he saw from the top and asked the swallow to take the gold and the gems from his statue and give it to the poor. Winter came and the swallow died of hunger and cold. The mayor saw that the Prince's ornaments were taken away and ordered that the statue to be melted. He wanted there to be a statue of himself. So, the mayor’s servants melted the statue, but the heart of the Prince would not melt. So, they threw the dead swallow ,which was found at the feet of the Prince, and the heart away. 

When God asked his angels to bring the most precious things in the world, his angels got him the swallow and the heart of the Happy Prince.
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