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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

39 Clues – Book one: The Maze Of Bones

The 39 Clues
The 39 Clues (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Title: The Maze Of Bones
Author: Rick Riordan
Main Characters: Amy, Dan, Grace, Nellie, McIntyre, Aunt Beatrice, Ian, Natalie, Alistair Oh, Jonah Wizard and The Holts.
Description of one of the Main Characters: Jonah Wizard is one in the Cahill family. He is a television star. But he has no brains. He is very rich. He is wicked. He tries to get information from Dan and Amy. He is stupid. His father always talks about the television programmes in which Jonah had come.
Whom I like and why: I like Dan very much. He is very quick in mental maths. He is very brave. Dan is intelligent. Without Dan’s courage and reasoning, Amy would have never accepted the quest. Amy is Dan’s sister.
Whom I dislike and why: I dislike Ian Kabra. He is very wicked. He has a younger sister named Natalie who is equally cunning. He always considers Amy and Dan as poor and mocks at them. He is smart. He and his sister were the first to accept Grace’s quest.
Setting/Theme of the story: Grace Cahill is about to die. She changes her will and gives it to William McIntyre, her lawyer. She dies. Amy and Dan Cahill are the grand children of Grace Cahill. Aunt Beatrice, Amy’s and Dan’s guardian takes them to the Cahill mansion. In the Cahill mansion, McIntyre reads Grace’s will. The Cahill family is very big. So, Grace had given them all a million dollars. She had also spoken ,in a recording played by McIntyre, about the Cahill family as one of the most powerful in human history. She had planned an open contest for any Cahill member to accept the challenge of finding 39 clues which will lead them to find a treasure which will make them the most powerful human being. But there was a condition. Anyone who chooses to accept the challenge will not inherit anything but the first clue to the treasure. The one million dollars of theirs will be burned. Amy and Dan accept the challenge. The first clue Amy and Dan get is:
The fine print to guess,
Seek out Richards________
Amy finds out from Grace’s library that 'Richards________ 'refers to Benjamin Franklin as Benjamin Franklin always disguised his real name. Amy and Dan take Nellie, a girl of age 19, to travel to Paris where Benjamin Franklin lived. They go to the maze of bones, and find a magic box to complete. In between the Holts, the Kabras, Jonah Wizard and Alistair Oh try to kill Amy and Dan. But Amy and Dan escape. They go to a church and find a underground room, where Benjamin Franklin lived. Thy find a clue to the second clue, which is:
As though charge this,
So I charge thee.
Use thy skills the
truth to free.
They find a song etched on the walls and take a copy of it. They find the initials W.A.M under the song. Amy recognizes the initials 'W.A.M' as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. They get ready to go to Vienna, Austria where Mozart lived to search for the second clue.
Part I enjoyed the most: I enjoyed the part when Amy and Dan escape from Natalie and Ian Kabra who try to snatch the clue to the second clue from them.

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