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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Harry Potter Vs Percy Jackson

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Even if Harry Potter and Percy Jackson are two different series of stories by two different authors, I could find some similarities in them.

In Percy Jackson, Percy is like Harry from Harry Potter. Annabeth is like Hermione and Grover is like Ronald Weasley. Dumbledore, the headmaster of the Hogwarts is like Chiron who trains Half-bloods to become heroes.

The villain in Harry Potter, Lord Voldemort, is just like the evil Lord of the Titans, Kronos. Voldemort initially takes the form of Quirrel's head while Kronos takes the form of Luke.

Harry is a wizard while Percy is a demi-god. Harry and other wizards go to "Hogwarts" while the Half-bloods like Percy go to "Camp Half-blood". While Wizards fight with wands, Demi-gods fight with swords. Hogwarts has a game on its own called "Quidditch" while Camp Half-blood has "Capture-the-flag".

I hope you see the many similarities between these two completely different series. Please feel free to share if you have some more.
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  1. There are more such as "half-bloods" similar to "demi-gods". A huge war climax in both the books ending.

  2. Actually, Percy looks more like Harry, but behaves more like Ron.


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