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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Ajji Sarbath

We took a quick weekend trip to Lalgudi, where my grandparents live, before the school reopens. This trip turned out to be absolutely awesome because of many features. One of them was the amazing nannari sarbath in Ajji Sarbath shop, in Lalgudi.

Ajji Sarbath is a seventy one year old shop located in 32, Ichadi Pillayar Koil Street, Lalgudi. It’s an amazing place with amazing sarbath. It also has other items like ice cream and sodas, but the specialty of the place is its sarbath.

Sarbath is a thick concoction of sugar syrup, water and citric acid. When you have a parched mouth, it soothes you down like nothing else!

For those, who have fallen in love with Ajji Sarbath, but cannot go there daily(like us), the place has a bottle of “Lalgudi Ajji Syrup” that you can buy. While preparing, one needs to follow the 1:3 ratio- one part syrup, and three parts water. For those who want chilled sarbath instantly, the 1:3 ratio goes as follows- one part syrup, two parts water, and one part ice cubes. If you can wait for the sarbath to get chilled, then prepare it using the first step, and then refrigerate it. Add lemon to make it better.

As a final note, Ajji Sarbath is one of the best I've ever had. I love it!


  1. fantastic photos ... crispy review ... loved it .. thanks

  2. Replies
    1. Hello Sir, the address was given in the post. But here it is again: 32, Ajji Sarbath Shop, Ichadi Pillayar Koil Street, Lalgudi.


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