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Friday, October 24, 2014

Swachch Bharat

Recently CBSE conducted an Essay Writing Competition on topics about the Swachch Bharat. I also took part in the competition. I wanted to share the essay I wrote.

This was my topic:
How do you think that Swachch Bharat Swachch Vidyalaya campaign can be taken to
achieve the goal of clean India by 2019, the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma

My Essay:

We don’t need to search for examples elsewhere.

A decade or two back, the Indian Railways- the largest and the most efficient network in India- was not as it is today. A  decade or two back, it was a pathetic sight. There was this huge problem of people smoking- inside compartments, out on the platforms and in any other place in the station- making everybody around them passive smokers.

My dad says that you seriously couldn’t travel peacefully in a second-class train compartment, back then. People smoked cigarettes unmindful of the person sitting near them. The pathway in the trains were littered with stubbed cigarettes and bidis. If you could see that scene, it would be like this:
A man smoking his cigarette without for a moment considering his co-passengers. Blowing it right into their faces… while they wrinkle their nose, and try to avoid it. But how can they avoid if the man is sitting right in front of them?
This was the monster-problem in the trains and the railway station.
But the Government of India decided to put a full stop to this nonsense.
And, the Railway Department of the Government rose to fight against this unfair practice.
Strict measures were taken. Restrictions were tightened. Cigarette sale in the platforms were prohibited. Even if a train stops in a lonely village station at the middle of the night, officers came around to check if people were violating the rules and smoking. People who smoked were fined, then and there. No explanations were tolerated.
And the result of all these? A perfectly safe and secure, and clean, railway system, that we have now.

What does this show us? It shows us that Swachch Bharat Swachch Vidyalaya campaign can be taken to achieve the goal of clean India by 2019.
When such a big network like the Railways, with millions of people travelling, was able to do the needful, so can Swachch Bharat Swachch Vidyalaya campaign with so many enthusiastic people, including students, in India’s billion brilliant population.

Primarily, the Swachch Bharat Swachch Vidyalaya campaign must concentrate on deterring the people to stop littering. Then we could do the cleaning process.
The problem in India seems to be that there are five sweepers to clean up but five thousand people to litter. So, we should make all of them responsible for what they do to their surroundings.

The students and teachers will help keep the school clean.
Each locality must take up responsibility for their own area.
Ultimately every district, village, city, state and every part of India must strive for cleanliness. Only then the idea of Swachch Bharat can be implemented.
And, for this, Swachch Bharat Swachch Vidyalaya campaign can help in a great way.

After all, what better gift can we give our Mahatma, Bapuji, on his 150th birth anniversary than a super-clean India- a Swachch Bharat!

Let us remember this motivational quote ‘Where There Is A Will, There Is A Way’ while we make our way to a clean India. JAI HIND!

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