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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Table For Four

Title: Table For Four
Author: K Srilata
Main Characters: Derek, Sandra, Maya, Parvathi, Prithvi Uncle, Kamalakka and Halim
Description Of One Of The Main Characters: Prithvi Uncle is very mysterious. He doesn't speak much but leaves notes and messages all over his house for people to find. He leaves the empty room on the ground floor of his house for rent, which gets occupied by Maya, Derek and Sandra.
Setting/Theme Of The Story: Maya, Sandra and Derek stay in the ground floor of Prithvi Uncle's house. They all go to college and study together. Finally, when they all have to leave the place to go their own way, Prithvi Uncle gives a send-off dinner. Derek misses the dinner when he gets an urgent call from outside. Sandra, Maya and Prithvi Uncle play a game. Each person gets a chance to open up and reveal their story. Sandra narrates her story about how she had been brought up in an orphanage along with her sister who was physically disabled, and how she had betrayed her sister by getting adopted under a rich couple. She feels guilty. Next, Prithvi Uncle narrates how he had married his classmate first and then had left her for another. He also tells them that he had started avoiding talking directly to people since his second wife died. That is why he always left messages. Just as it is Maya's turn to narrate, Maya refuses to open up. Sandra and Prithvi Uncle do not compel her. Maya bids them goodbye and boards a flight back to Chennai. On the way back, she fells extremely guilty as she recalls her "story". She tells us why she is afraid of the beach. She tells us the story that she was afraid to tell to Sandra and Prithvi Uncle.

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