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Sunday, January 19, 2014

What Einstein Told His Barber

Title: What Einstein Told His Barber
Author: Robert L. Wolke
'What Einstein Told His Barber' is not a book of what Einstein told his Barber! It's just the title to arouse our curiosity. The book is very interesting and highly enjoyable. It answers the many questions in our minds about Science. Here are some information that I have learnt from this book and that I enjoyed very much.
1. Why while pouring water from one glass to another container, the water comes along with the glass and then pours down- this is because of a special tendency of liquids to stick to the container in which they are stored. While transferring from the glass, we are able to see this tendency of liquids visibly.
2. When a cup of coffee is spilt, we see a brown ring and almost no stain in the centre part- this is because coffee, even though we see it as a dark brown liquid, is just a mixture of brown coffee particles and water. so, when spilt the water pushes all the particles outward and retains itself in the centre. Soon the water evaporates leaving only the dark brown particles that it pushed outwards. This looks like a dark brown ring with almost no stain inside.
3. If we travel at a speed more then the speed of sound, would we hear the radio near us(suppose we are travelling in a car)- yes, we would hear the radio as the radio is also travelling along with us in the same car, at the same speed. But if the radio was at the back of the car, we most probably would not hear it(This would most probably be due to the wind roaring against us!)
So, these are a few that was very interesting to read. We get to learn a lot of things in general about Science. It's a lovely book and I especially like the title What Einstein Told His Barber.

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