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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Kane Chronicles- The Throne Of Fire

The egyptian sun god Ra simplified with Maler_...
The egyptian sun god Ra simplified with Maler_der_Grabkammer_der_Nefertari_001.jpg as reference (horiz mirrored) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The god Khonsu, depicted as a falcon with the ...
The moon god Khonsu, depicted as a falcon with the moon-disk on his head. Khonsu could also be depicted as a mummiform child with a large pendent necklace and wearing the same moon disk. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Title: Kane Chronicles- The Throne of Fire
Author: Rick Riordan
Main Characters: Carter Kane, Sadie Kane, Bast, Bes, Zia Rashid, Walt, Jaz, Anubis, Isis, Horus, Ra, Amos, Menshikov, Desjardins, Nephthys, Khufu and Thoth.
Description of one of the main characters: Walt is a magician in the House of Life. He is one of the descendants of Akhenaton. So, the curse of Akhenaton runs in his family. He is sixteen years old and loves to play basketball. He helps Sadie Kane get the third book of Ra.
Whom I like and Why: I like Bes because he is kind to the Kanes. He is the god of the dwarves. He helps Sadie Kane and Cater Kane fight Apophis and also find the books of Ra. He sacrifices his own life to Khonsu, the Moon God to allow the Kanes to go back time. He is Bast's friend.
Whom I dislike and Why: I dislike Menshikov as he works for Apophis. He knows Set's secret name. He tries to make Set work for him.
The US logo for The Kane Chronicles
The US logo for The Kane Chronicles (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Setting/Theme of the Story: Carter, Sadie, Walt and Jaz try to wake Ra, so that they can defeat Apophis, the evil God of chaos. For waking Ra, they need to find the three books of Ra. Jaz suddenly falls ill and the other three continue the journey. Bast goes off on her own to check whether Apophis is trying to break free. Bast sends Bes, to help Sadie and Carter in their quest. Carter saves Zia Rashid from the palace of Red sands where Iskander had hidden her. Zia and Walt go back to 21st nome in Brooklyn. Sadie and Carter travel into the Duat and they awaken Ra. To their surprise they find Vlad Menshikov trying to stop them. Desjardins suddenly comes to Kanes and sends Apophis inside the Earth, so that Apophis will take more time to come back. During the process, he dies and Amos becomes the cheif Lector. The Kanes get more time to defeat Apophis.

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