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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Quesera And Her Ants

In the middle of the thick dense forest, there lived a cobra named Nagina. She was always proud of her strength and talked arrogantly to comparatively smaller animals. The red ants which lived there, for years,  knew Nagina well. The ants hated Nagina. One day, she went to the ant-hill and called out, “Quesera, I need the ant-hill for myself. I need to live somewhere.” The Queen of ants, Quesra became extremely angry. She cried “You coward. You laze goose. Why dont you build one for yourself? This is for us. Dont trouble us. Get away.” Nagina was so angry that she destroyed the ant-hill with her long and strong tail. Quesera and her ants started climbing up to Nagina’s body. They bit her all over the body. Nagina’s body was badly injured. She could not move at all. After a month or so, she died of hunger. The smaller and bigger animals thanked Quesera and her ants for the brave act.

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