Friday, November 13, 2020

The Inheart Series

Today, I came across a very interesting news that sent me back to some great memories: Cornelia Funke is going to give us a fourth book that'll send us back to the riveting Inkworld, through The Colour of Revenge that is expected to be out in October 2021! The least I can say is that made my day!

I stumbled upon the Inkheart in my school library in class seven, and I picked it up out of curiosity though I had never previously heard of it. That's when I absolutely fell in love with this series. I couldn't pull my eyes away from the novel all day, everyday in school until I finally finished it. The Inheart trilogy was one of my most favourite books around my middle school years. It has three books- Inkheart, Inkspell, and Inkdeath. Funke is a German author, and the original language of the book is German. But, Funke herself had it written in English, too. At that age, Meggie, Mo, Dustfinger, and Eleanor made my world!

After reading Inheart, I took upoon myself to mend all the slightly torn books at home, and set right the bindings. I started valuing how a book must be kept way more than I ever it. I couldn't ever again hurt the spine of a book, or turn a page rashly. I dreamed, and I still do, of a house full of books for walls, with every copy of every book I read and love- just like Eleanor's. I wished I had the silver tongue that could transport us into lands far and wide, dangerous and magical, beautiful and breathtaking, just like Meggie and Mo do. 

Funke gave us a series where we are unapologetic and unabashed in our irrevocable love for books themselves, their silver words, and the fantastical lands of fantasy that they transport us too. This is one of the best series I have read- with a concept that was mindbogglingly refreshing. The thought that after so many years Funke is here to give us another book that can take us back to the Inkworld makes me both excited and scared. Excited, because of the prospect of continuing where it left, and being in my favourite fantasy world once again. Scared, because I have time and again seen so many authors destroy their wonderful creations. But, my hope is sided towards the excited part as I have seen some brilliant concepts that Funke gave us through those novels. So, if she is picking up what she last left in 2007, maybe it is because she has something we all must look forward too!

Waiting with eager excitement that matches my thirteen year-old self to meet Mo, Meggie, and the rest, and looking forward to the release of The Colour of Revenge

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