Wednesday, November 18, 2020

The Fitness Marshall

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This long stint of workout from home, without much else work or hectic schedule, has been one full of gleeful discoveries. Just like I had stumbled upon Fit Body by Ashley, the next big jump-with-joy moment came when I discovered The Fitness Marshall

Caleb Marshall (@TheFitMarshall) truly is youtube's hottest fitness pop star. I love those dance workouts by him and his two 'backup booties'! There's fun, there's sass, and there's lots and lots of sweat. Most of their song workouts are classified into light sweat, moderate sweat, and heavy sweat workouts, and you can choose across the songs to make yourself a 45-50 minute workout. Or, The Fitness Marshall has already done that for you through the playlists The Sweat Set, which comes in the right mix of light, moderate, and heavy sets. You won't even have to worry about getting bored of the same songs in The Sweat Set because the mix is changed every once in a while, keeping the energy up and swinging! If you want a quick workout, then again there is the Speed Sweat playlist for an awesome sweat session in under 20 minutes! 

I have been enjoying every minute of my workouts with The Fitness Marshall. Up until some weeks ago, I thought nothing could beat Fit Body by Ashley, but it is really a tie between these two now! They have some incredible energy and zeal, and it only leaves me smiling and dancing away wishing I could actually have an in-house Zumba session with these incredible people!

So, for all of us loving the workouts by these two, the cherry on the cake is their collaboration! They have made dance workouts for a couple of songs together too, and we could include them in the workout playlist for some extra smile! The Fitness Marshall also has a monthly membership for 60 hour continuous sweat sessions, and a free 30-minute sweat session is available to give you an idea of what the 60-minute would be like. I bet the sessions would be incredibly energetic and sweaty, and I look forward to try them sometime soon!

Do check them out!

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