Saturday, November 7, 2020


In school, there were usually two distinct categories: the people who used pencil boxes and those who used pencil pouches. I have rarely seen people who use one go for the other, including myself. I am a strict pencil pouch person. I prefer them to boxes and I loved using good pouches. 

Why is a pencil pouch better than a pencil box? (Slightly biased)

1. It doesn't break

2. You can store way more!

3. They last for a really long time, in comparison to pencil boxes.

4.  They come in better colours and designs.

5. They are absolutely great utility-wise.

6. They don't break!

7. Pouches are just way better. Even just like that with no reason. 

I have had friends on the other spectrum argue that if boxes break, then pouches also tear. But, please! Boxes break on a single drop many times. Pouches take sever years to tear! I have had such a wonderful pouch that I used all through my middle school years, and it carries so many memories! The pouch you see there lasted through most of the middle school phase up until my class IX! There's stuff written all over it by me and my friends. This picture was taken by my dad in those years!

Till today, I use only pouches. If you are a pouch person too, here's a virtual high-five! But if not, tell us why a pencil box is better in the comments below!

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