Sunday, November 22, 2020

Lucky Jim

Title: Lucky Jim
Author: Kingsley Amis

Jim Dixon teaches history at a provincial English University, and is near the end of his first year at this job as many problems loom over his head. He hasn't made a great impression. He hasn't managed to impress the absent-minded head of Department Professor Welch, who has the power to take the decision whether he could continue in his job or not pending the end of the term. And, he hasn't published any work to stand as a testament to his scholarship. Over and top of these academic difficulties, Dixon finds them slipping over onto his personal life as well. 

This funny tale takes us through Dixon's life with uncanny details that so truly resemble the world of academia and the attempt of every single person involved in the set-up of a University! It is hilarious, and absurdly comic in its narrative. The English satirical and sarcastic humour leaves you with a wicked laughter, just the way when you read Dickens or Wodehouse!

The whole beauty of this book is what a thorough brat the protagonist is. Throughout, there is a soft corner that wants him to win in the end, and there is a direct opposite question looming as to whether he really deserves to win. That makes Lucky Jim an enjoyably twisted tale of a fairly simple plot line, exploiting the reins of University politics and the general life of academia to the fullest. I absolutely loved this one, and it'd probably go down to be in one of my most-favourite list in the times to come!

If you want a good laugh, with unending splashes to relatable satire, pick this up!

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