Monday, November 9, 2020

Boss by Glynn Young

Work in a cubicle has become the norm. As we stare out at the open from inside huge glass windows, at the free air and the cool wind from a trapped room artificially cooled down to a temperature that's usually too cold in the name of being pleasant, we look forward to getting into a bigger cubicle with a bigger glass window, someday, maybe. Read Glynn Young's Boss, an attempt to capture in simply rapt words of something that that has become way too common and labelled as 'ambition'. 
Stares at the corner where 
two glass walls meet, almost
the exact point where the sun
sets, caught in the rise
of his people asking, probing
how and more and the descent
of his own boss seeking cuts.
He chooses the way
he’s been taught, looking
upward, knowing there’s little
reward in the daily, where
life is.

I really loved this one for how simply it conveyed the essence of it was trying to say. No fancy words, no grand poetic brandishing, yet a good dose of truth! I hope you enjoyed it too.

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