Thursday, November 12, 2020

Apple-Walnut Cake

We had recently bought a stock of walnuts from the Tons Valley Shop, and these walnuts come from the villages in upper Tons valley in Uttarakhand. We had also got some really juicy and tasty apples from O' Kinnaur Apples, straight from their orchards in Bhabha Valey, Kinnaur distict of Himachal Pradesh. All these are absolutely organic, pesticide-free, chemical-free, and extremely tasty! The Tons Valley Shop also supports women of those village as these surplus walnuts are dried and sold by women in the community to earn some extra money for the household!

My mom, always trying to make every dish healthier with fruits and nuts was really excited to try making an apple-walnut cake, from the fresh stocks that we bought. So, although I'd have probably never tried making a cake with apple by myself, today's turned out sweet and tasty. Here's one, tasty recipe for the apple-walnut cake we made today!

What you need: Atta, apple, walnuts, cashews, sugar, butter, milk, oil, vanilla essence

1. Grate 1 apple. Add one cup of sugar to the grated apple. Take a thick bottomed pan or vessel. But the grated apple and sugar in it, and keep stirring till all the sugar melts and you reach a sauce-like consistency. 

2. Let it cool for under a minute. Then add half a cup cooking oil and whist it till there are no lumps. Make sure the molten sugar does not harden too much. 

3. Add half a cup of milk and whisk it will till it blends with the apple-sugar-oil mixture. Next, add two spoons of unsalted butter, and whisk again till no lumps are there.

4. Add 1.5 cups of wheat flour, little by little, and keep whisking it into the batter. Add 1 cup of milk, or as necessary, and correct the consistency of the cake batter. The correct consistency is that the batter must be fluffy, and fall in folds when you let it flow down.

5. Add a generous about of chopped walnuts, and any other type of nuts you prefer in your cake. Add a little bit of vanilla essence and whip it all together. 

6. Grease your cake tin, place the butter paper, and pour the batter in. Tap the cake tin gently to even out the batter.

6. Preheat your cooker. Add a good amount of salt to the base so that you don't burn the vessels. Place a stand, and keep the cake tin in. Let in bake for 40 minutes.

7. Prick the cake in the center to see if your cake is baked. Take it out, and let it cool down. Your cake is ready!

We really enjoyed having this cake when it was slightly warm. I think it went with the feel of the cake. My mom really loved it because she is a fan of nuts and fruit-based cakes. We all liked it too! This time, the sweetness was perfect unlike in my previous chocolate cake! I am sure it gets better every time with practice! And, it's time to probably take a break on cakes now, and try something different!

If you have any tips/suggestions, or you tried this out and loved it(or didn't)- let me know in the comments below!

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