Saturday, October 10, 2020

Wrapping Up #WodehouseSeries

The last couple of weeks was a nice trip down aisle of Wodehouse books, and his characters. We had met his most famous characters in their most famous series. I am very fond of many of those characters, and I am looking forward to read those books of his which I still haven't. It'd be lovely to have read at least one author in whole (apart from Rick Riordan, at least)! So, here's the links to all the posts in the Wodehouse series. 

1. Welcoming the #WodehouseSeries

2. My Man Jeeves on #WodehouseSeries

3. Meet Mr. Mulliner on #WodehouseSeries

4. School Stories on #WodehouseSeries

5. Blandings Castle on #WodehouseSeries

6. Ukridge on #WodehouseSeries

Each post in the series will carry an illustration by me, as we discuss and dive into the fair share of Wodehouse that I have read. So, if you are a Wodehouse fan- I am sure you will enjoy the ride. And, if you have never read Wodehouse, you'll probably pick one up that has been mentioned or discussed in this series!

If you have a favourite Wodehouse book, let me know in the comments!

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