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Unusual Temples Of India

Unusual Temples Of India
Author: Anuradha Goyal

There are no dearth of temples in India. You find them in every street, every village, every town, every riverbank, every hillock - almost everywhere you see you find a temple. A lot has been written about the temples of India. The beauty lies in the magnificence in their structures and how they have stood time immemorial to represent the architectural style and prowess of the dynasties that built them. Big or small, famous or not- all temples carry a treasure hoard of history, culture, and art with them.

While we have often heard of the big and architecturally splendid temples that have often been written about and photographed, how many of us know unusual, lesser known temples in India? From Bharat Mata temples across India, Yogmaya temple in Delhi which is the oldest living temple in the oldest part of the city, Rukmini temple as a celebration to the Queen of Dwaraka, to the only temple where Krishna is seen with his mother Devaki in Goa, and various other not-so-often-heard and unusual temples- Anuradha Goyal takes us on a charming and absorbing journey to these off-beat temples in India. As we read the stories behind the captivating histories of these temples, there is definitely an urge to go see them ourselves!

Out of all those unusual temples, I have visited only one- the Hidimba Devi temple at Doongri Van Vihar in Manali. This one was quite popular with the tourists. The story of Hidimbi, a Rakshasa, and how she came to marry Bhim, making her the first daughter-in-law of the Pandavas from Mahabharat. Their son Ghatotkatch also has a symbolic presence in the temple's surroundings and the giant Deodar trees that envelop the expanse of place. It was interesting to read the history of the temple, and how Hidimbi came to be the presiding Goddess of Manali. 

I loved this book! And, I can't wait to visit these temples when I go to these places! These posts were originally published on their travel blog - IndiTales. It took the form of this amazing book when readers wanted to have it compiled in this form. Anyone interested in the blend of myth, stories, captivating history, and their reflection in today's world must definitely check this out! Happy reading!

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