Wednesday, October 14, 2020

The Whiteboard

The Whiteboard. Once you put up the list of pending things, it stares at you. As you walk by, as you sit, as you stand, and sometimes even when you sleep, and it makes sure there is no way you forget to get it done and dusted- of course, only in the case where you put the whiteboard in sight. 

Writing on a whiteboard is fun. Well, at least, initially. I once brought up a pending list of things I discovered particularly as "pending" so that I can just write them on the board. Green, red, blue, black- nice colours. But once you write it, it sits there until you actually do it. I feel really guilty wiping off something which I haven't done. The whiteboard makes you feel that way, doesn't it?

Somehow, finally wiping off an ever-pending item on the whiteboard gives me immense satisfaction. I feel like getting the job done just so that I can wipe it clean off the board. Well, looks like I love writing on the board, and I also love wiping what I wrote off the board. Well. I should give it due credit- it definitely makes me work. 

I am not really particular about buying, collecting, or using stationery. But, these definitely do give a sense of comfort, an order among chaotic schedules, and something that can slightly push me towards sticking to the plan. 

It's not the whiteboard for all of us, I guess. For some, it is diaries. For some others, small notepads. I have seen magnets, and sticky notes, and one sided papers. But, they all serve the same purpose. They push us to get the job done so that we can wipe/strike/tear it away from the list of to-do things. How about you?

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